Should I Stay Or Should I Go….

I am not sure what to do right now and would like a little input from some of you..

I am at a crossroads in my life.. I have worked at my current job for 10 years. I started out loving my job.. and over the years have grown to not care for it so much. At times I still like it. I like most of the people I work with and most of my customers. However The stress the job puts on me and I put on myself is crazy.

People keep telling me to stop letting it get to me.. I can not do that.. I worry about that place even on my days off.. stress stress stress.. I work over night and we can not keep good help so I never know when or who is gonna show up and that stresses me out the most. Not having enough help and having to deal with unhappy customers also makes me stressed and unhappy. Having management not back you or try to help you is a huge stress er as well.

I can not even begin to tell you the tole this has taken on my health over the years.. but lets just say it is not good.. Until I started working here I was hardly ever sick and never had to have any kinds of surgery done.

I am contemplating quitting my job tonight.. I know I know that is why I want some advice.. Am I nuts.. to leave a job that for the most part is a pretty good paying job. A job that I will never be able to go somewhere else and make what I am making here. Also this job is not that hard not really.. but I am just not happy any more. I hate working over nights.. I hate working holidays.. I hate the stress…

To be honest with you if I quit we will not have to cut back that much. I only work 3 days a week anyway. Pretty much the money I bring in just allows us to buy stuff. Our house is paid for.. we are getting ready to put on a new roof but I am taking care of that.. so we should be ok. God has been so good to us I can tell you that.. that is also a plus to not working I’d be able to go to church again.

So give this ole girl some advice.

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Holiday Shopping Guide…

Your How Too List for shopping this Holiday Season..
As this holiday season gets underway I just wanted to take a few minutes to remind you all of few things to remember when out doing your shopping.
I have said every year I was gonna write a how to/ never do list of things you should and should not do while out shopping at stores and department stores. Now these are just a few of the ones that apply to me but I am sure anyone who has ever worked or is working at these places will understand.

Have you ever just wanted to scream at someone  “This is not Burger King and you can’t always  get it your way!!!!!!!”    LOL If so you must have worked retail at some point in your life….

Featured image
1. We understand your frustration that there is only one lane open and that you hate self check. Please know we would like more lanes open as well.. In fact we would love to have more help. It is not the cashiers or the CSM’s fault that the store you are shopping at can not get good help.. they are victims as well. Being forced to do the job of 3 people with no more pay. So please be understanding and do not yell them to open more lanes.
2. Not everyone who works at a store knows how to check.. so do not get ticked off if you see people working in a store and they do not rush up front to check you out. I personally think everyone should know how to check, but hey it is not my store nor my rules..

Featured image
3. If you need to know about an item or if it is in stock please find someone in the department of the item you are looking for. Do not assume a cashier is going to know these things. They are stuck up there on the register all day/night checking people out and do not get to walk around the store or back room. I think sometimes cashiers are just the most visual and thus is why they get asked this stuff.
4. Please be responsible and take your baskets with you when you are done. Please return them to the stall in which you found them. This goes for riding carts as well. Leaving them in line once you are done just clogs up the line and makes it harder for everyone behind you as well as the cashier who has to remove it to take care of the next person.
5. Please check you have everything you have bought before you take off.. nothing is more frustrating then getting home and realizing you left stuff at the store..
6. Please if you decide you do not want something.. give it to the cashier so it can be put back up.. do not just set it aside.. if it is cold stuff it has to go back.. trust me if we have to write it up in the long run it is gonna effect you and me.. Later you’ll be yelling at us about the cost of things.. and all I want to say well there ya go.. you toss stuff we all pay in one way or the other..

Featured image
7. A little advice.. most departments in stores close down when the even crew go home.. there is no one there for the fitting rooms and we do not have the keys, and do not have time to sit there watching and waiting for you to try on 10 pairs of the same pants. The jewelry department people left at Ten.. so no we can not change your watch battery.. or open the diamond case. There is someone in electronics that can help you maybe.. Sporting goods.. closed. Get your fishing and hunting license early not 3 in the morning when there is NO ONE there to help you!!! The Auto shop is closed.. we can not change your oil or rotate your tires.. nor would you want us to if you really think about it.
8. Please please please get off your phone when you come to check out.. we are busy and it is rude.. plus you really should be keeping an eye on your stuff to make sure your getting the great deals you are suppose to cause some stuff just does not ring up right..

Featured image
9. If you are using WIC please read your card right and get the items listed. Also check the shelf to make sure the items you are getting are WIC approved. Because we can not make substitutions and someone is gonna have to run back and get the right items, and remember we only have one cashier and do not have the people power to do so.
10. Do not argue with us if we tell you that some items can not be price matched.. yes we know what the commercials say, but we also know what we are told by or managers. We will not price match something that is less then half of the original price.. fresh meats have to be name for name brand only. We will not ad match Wal-mart online items.. and no we will not cash third party checks.
11. If you wait until the day before Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas to come out and shop do not expect to find what you are looking for.. and please do not gripe at your cashier about this.. they have been dealing with people like you ALL day/night. They are there to do a job not be yelled at by you because your wait until last minute to shop…

Featured image

I am sorry if any of these sound rude.. but in all honesty they are the truth. We try our best to make our customers feel special and that they matter, because they do. Sometimes however they suffer from some entitlement issues and when they do not get what they want or think they deserve right then they blow a gasket. We hate to see unhappy customers.. but working in retail you know from time to time it is gonna happen.
I have one more little piece of advice if your shopping at Wal-mart please know that all the registers HAVE to be changed out at midnight and if your in line thinking you’ll get out quick.. well that will not happen. Also know when your state releases food stamps and stay away from the store on those nights.. we are packed and the lines and attitudes are high…

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It’s a man thing……

                                                                                        It’s a man thing..

How often I have thought that through the years.. I see the way men connect to things on a much deeper level then women.


I have never seen a women treat a gun or fishing pole with as much respect as a man will. We’d just place it in it’s place and think of it as yet another thing that has to be dusted. Not men.. no.. they polish it clean it, buys special lures or cases for their prize items. Some even show them off and brag. Haa haa I have often thought what a sad world they must lead to put so much love and attention on silly things.


Cars and trucks OYE! They spend hours tinkering and cleaning, naming and babying them. I use to think if they put half as much time into their marriages there would be no divorce! I just never understood the appeal of it I guess… UNTIL…


Until my beloved husband bought me my Doreen as a Valentines gift this year.. Talk about love at first sight! She is long and lean and one high class driving machine! First time I drove her I knew.. yes I knew what it was all about.. I connected with that huge hunk of metal and she was mine. She get’s the first parking spot in the drive way, she is treated like the queen she is. If bad weather is coming guess who get’s pulled in the garage first.. yep you got it Doreen!

As you know life is full of tricks, cruel and costly tricks.. Several weeks ago we were having bad weather and my husband chose to drive me to work.. which I love him to do by the way. Upon coming to fetch me in the morning he slid on a icy patch and my poor Doreen slammed into a telephone pole.


Oh the pain! My poor girl was a mess! Yes my hubs was ok too.. I knew you would ask. But Doreen she was smashed up here and there… had to pry the bumper out of her tire just to get her off the road. I am grateful we had good insurance that understood that just because you have a cheaper quote does not mean they are the right one. They were wise and chose the person who had the best reputation. It cost more but you get what you pay for. So Three thousand dollars later she is back in my driveway and looking as awesome as she is.

I understand… yes.. I am feeling my manliness! As long as the facial hair is not a side effect..


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Forever Lost…

AHHHHH!! How in the world did we ever make it without smart phones and GPS’s! You know they are soooo dependable! NOT!


I just got a new phone and have been trying to learn how to use it! I have to say I am getting just too darn old to be trying to relearn stuff every few years! My new phone is equipped with a navigation app. It has failed me twice now and one would think I would know better! The first time we were trying to help take a friend somewhere, that we had never been.. epic fail! We did arrive to our destination but only because she sort of remembered how to get there!


The next was due to my yearning to obtain some Deer and Buffalo Jerky. A friend told me where to find this precious item and I looked up the addy. I took advantage on a lunch outing to try and find this place that was suppose to be only 9 miles away and take about 20 minutes..

ImageWell haa haa my 9 miles turned into like 40.. It sent me to the stock yards on the other side of town, then directed me out to the airport.. and upon turning around.. it ended up sending me to some Government facility that I still have no clue what it was! I was getting a little flustered.. and to make it better my engine light came on.

So I am some where out in this great huge world lost just trying to get my jerky and now my engine light has come on threatening to leave me abandon on the side of the road.. You know the worst part about this is if my new truck dies out in the middle of no where I was gonna have to call my husband and admit I was lost!!! Oh the humiliation!!!


By luck I happened upon a road that was named to be near the Jerky Emporium and I took it and road it out and low and behold there it was.. a little hole in the wall place that I would have never seen in general passing!

The nice lady at the jerky store tried to direct me on how to get back home, altho she had not traveled that way in years and years and really how much could things have changed in all that time right. LOL Oh yes.. I ended up making a huge circle coming in from a town 15 miles away from where I started.. After riding for what seemed like forever I started seeing familiar land marks and pretty soon I did know where I was and made it home.. to my relief.

This whole adventure would have been fine no one but my dad knew or needed to know right.. HA! My dad took great pleasure in ratting me out! My husband teased me unmerciful. Thanks DAD! Installing my TOM TOM as we speak!

All I know is this jerky better be the bomb diggity.Image


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Long journey to my dream job… NOT!


 It is hard to believe someone out there wants to know about my recent promotion.. I could sum it up in like three words.. ha ha.. but what would be the point of that. No.. no.. no.. I am going to make this into and long drawn out adventure! So buckle up buttercup and enjoy the ride….


I must admit I spent the first six years of my marriage pampered.. I did not have to work and I enjoyed it immensely! I stayed at home raising my child doing as I please. However that soon ended when my husband got the homesick blues and his yearning was so strong to return to his beloved Oklahoma to be near his folks. So July of 2005 we packed up and headed west. Now I was leaving everything and place I knew and grew up with.


We arrived in Oklahoma on July 4th and into a trailer.. I have nothing against trailers.. it is just this is tornado ally and everyone knows tornadoes hit trailer parks first right!It did not help that they neglected to tell me I could not keep my dog once I was here.. that would have been a deal breaker for me. Hubs started looking for a job right away and after a few weeks got a job at our local Wal-mart. After about a month it was obvious I was going to have to get a job as well.. OH NOOOOOOO! I applied at our local Wal-mart as well and was soon hired to work over night in the pharmacy stocking.



This begins my love hate relationship with Wal-mart. I enjoyed working in the pharmacy for the most part. The work was easy and I always finished early, which always got me in trouble! The Pharmacy owned me as they paid my salary not Wal-mart. So they wanted me in the pharmacy for 8 hours doing their stuff and my overnight manager wanted to move me around and use me else where. Seems every week I was getting talked to about it.. and the battle between the pharmacy and my mangers went on with me in the middle. After 8 months of this I had had enough and a nice assistant manager helped me move up front to be a cashier.


ImageI loved being a cashier. I loved my CSM’s (Customer Service Mangers) and I liked my fellow cashiers. They all trained me well and we worked as a team. Like a lot of jobs after time people move on to bigger and brighter things.. new people replace them.. some good some not so good. About a year into this my CSM asked about me becoming a backup CSM. All this means is that I fill in when a CSM is sick or on vacation.. more responsibility with no pay increase. I agreed to do this and have been doing it ever since.


About a year into it one of the CSM’s quit thus leaving an opening that I applied for. Needless to say I did not get the job. They said it was because I needed more training.. But the kicker was.. the lady they gave it too had never worked up front, had never ran a register, or knew nothing about being a CSM.. I was blindsided to say the least. They had the audacity to want me to train her! It was a extremely hard time for me there and I was so tempted to just walk away. My husband had a harder time, in fact if he had found my manger before I got him out of the store I probably would have been bailing him out of jail! It was then and there that I slowed down and I stopped giving them a hundred percent. I did my job and went home nothing more. I do have to add tho that this CSM has turned out to one of my very best friends ever!! So something good did come out of it!


It was a short time later when my other CSM decided to leave.. I was not even interviewed this time they just replaced her.. the new CSM stayed a few years then moved up in the company and was replaced by yet another lady. Still I was not even considered.. I just kept working and filling in when needed.


I made a lot of changes in my life, by cutting my hours at work. I went from five days a week to three. Best decision I have ever made. I started working weekends only and that is still what I am working. At times it gets stressful but at least it ends sooner or later.


Last year my BFF CSM was burned out on working overnights and wanted to take another job during the days. I so hated to see her leave. It broke my heart. With her gone I had to take her place and CSM full time.. I kept asking when are you going to get this position filled one way or the other. They were using me, yet not giving me the pay. This went on for months and months and they always seemed to have an excuse.. had to still do interviews, thought someone else had taken care of this, was deleted out of the system… pretty much just giving me the run around. Why should they care they were getting the job done for free.


It was about a month before Christmas when I confronted my assistant manager and told him flat out I was tired of being used and that he had until Christmas to get this situation taken care of, or I was changing my availability and not doing it any more. LOL His face just went ashen and I have to say that felt pretty good. It obviously worked because I was dreading having to go to work on my birthday… but I went to clock in and he was waiting to offer me the job along with the dollar raise! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!


I can tell you even after all these years I still have a lot to learn, but now at least I do not feel like they are using me. I am now being paid to babysit and be abused! LOL


You can wake up now!!! It’s your fault ya know, you are the one who wanted to know!!!!  

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She Lives…..Ahhhhhhhh

mickey see ya

Wow it really has been forever.. I am sad to say I am not a very good blogger. I just up and disappear with not a word to anyone for months on end. Just waiting for something to write about ya know.
As you know my mind likes to jump all over the place going from this to that.. it seems to mirror my life most times.
lipstck2Things have been flowing right along.. My wonderful child is now 14! Can you believe it 14! I feel so old! She sure knows how to push my buttons and I think she derives way too much pleasure in doing it! LOL But that is ok one day when she brings that special young fella home her ole crazy mother will be sure to pull out ALL the photos of her at all ages… humm the tub ones are really cute.. the awkward ones are winners too..but the best .. yes the best was in third grade when she took it upon herself to take lipstick and apply it just before they took her school photo! LOL I was so shocked! Her Teachers said NOTHING!!! Ahh good times, good times!

My dear hubs life has been a roller coaster for a few years. roller coasterHe has his good days and bad ones… some of you may know he had back surgery a few years ago and has just never been the same. This has truly been a test for him in all aspects of his life. Having to learn how to rethink about everything in a new way.. learning how to get the things you have to get done .. done! He struggles like we all do… but he never lets it get too big a hold on him.. his faith and trust in God has been his life raft! He refuses to let this beat him and has been taking some online classes.. he is a strong man and I am so blessed to have him… he still a pain in the butt! LOL

As for dear sweet old me.. Well I am getting so old! I feel it in every part of my body! But I am like that little Energizer bunny I just keep going and going! I finally got that long over due raise/promotion at work! Yes yes I know.. it only took eight years! LOL and don’t ya know they are making me earn it too! I survived Christmas at Wal-mart! That in itself was a miracle! I can not say honestly that there were not times I wanted to just bop several heads together… For some reason this year they have given me some winners when it comes to help..eye-rolling-annoyed-smiley(insert rolling eyes here).  I only need a few things really.. I am not hard to please.. LOL You have to know how to stand upright.. leaning on the counter reading a magazine is just not gonna cut it. Having the brain power to know that things pretty much stay the same there.. you have the same duties EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and yet having to babysit and spell it out every night seems to be the norm! You know the best part is when you tell/show someone how to do the same thing every night and they still can’t get it.. hee hee but hey a body is a body right.. see I am looking on the bright side of things! I do have to say tho I do work with some great girls! I could not do it without them! I hope they know just how much I love them and need them!
With the big holidays over I am hoping things will settle down.. don't burst my bubbledon’t roll yours eyes at me.. I know I am dreaming! But a girls gotta do what she has to do to get by..
so don’t burst my bubble ok! LOL
OK so I guess that wraps it up for this year I’ll try to get back here by next year! LOL


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Often times in life things happen that are out of our control.. Horrible , awful things that effect people, town, communities, states and countries… and always the first thing asked is why?


This week has been a horrible week here in Oklahoma.. we have had several days of massive storms.. which have spawned several tornadoes. Living here one would think you would get use to such things as heavy winds, baseball size hail, heavy rain and tornado… but you never do.. every devastating storm effects you..

Right outside the store where I work

Right outside the store where I work

Yesterday was one of those days for our state.. The little town of Moore OK was hit with what they are thinking was an F5 tornado.. with winds over 200 miles and hour. This one storm has destroyed this town in a matter of minutes.. taking out two elementary schools, the hospital, business and homes.

Same tornado heading towards Moore OK.

Same tornado heading towards Moore OK.

The death toll as of this writing now stands at 51, but they are predicting it to rise as they are still trying to find people. Sadly most of the victims are the school children that were trapped in the school… why? A very good question I would say…I could not give you a very good answer right now and none that would reassure you and make it any better.

Some damage from tornado

Some damage from tornado

Some of the children rescued from one of the schools hit by tornado

Some of the children rescued from one of the schools hit by tornado

Then out of the rubble you stumble upon this image and you know GOD has spoken and answered the question…


Very profound image if I say so myself… Think God is trying to tell us something?

Please keep us in your prayers and pray that these people can find some peace in this horrible time..

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