Love to a dear friend…

My blog today has been dedicated to a wonderful and special friend, and thus is for her eyes only. Love you dearly!


About drell3

People who know me would say I am nuts! Crazy! Silly! Honest! Loyal! I would say they are right.. but I am so much more... I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Cook, I could fill up this whole page.. I love my life.. I love my husband, I love my child! My family.. you thought i was gonna say my work! LOL NOT!!! I am on a journey... I am coming into my own.. discovering, learning..I am transforming.. one day I will get my butterfly wings.
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3 Responses to Love to a dear friend…

  1. Lyn Leahz says:

    I’m going through your blog and I’m subscribed, but have never seen some of these things 😦 I am enjoying them! God bless you and I love you dearly! I mean DEARLY mama! LOL!!!!

  2. drell3 says:

    bahahha this one was for you BTW! LOL I Love ya too

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