I can do this…

So here I am doing this What would Jesus Do challenge and I am thinking this is going to be interesting.. little did I know how right I would be.

I have been off work for almost 2 months and I start this challenge the day I am returning to work.. LOL Yeah I know right.. For those of you who do not know it I work overnight as a cashier/csm (customer service manager) at wal-mart. Possibly one of the evilest companies in the world… see there I go again.. Sorry I should have said this company has some issues Major ones…

I have missed my dear friends and I am sort of looking forward to seeing them I have to say, there is a hitch tho.. one is on leave due to a sick family member and the other is off getting married.. so that leaves just one other cashier and myself. No boss, and that means one thing guess who has to play CSM.. me… So my first night back to work is going to consist of me having to play CSM with one cashier to run the whole front end on a Friday night… Good start don’t ya think.

Ahh all is well I get there get my keys head to the front to get the low down from the leaving CSM and start my night. My first duty is to count down the podium to make sure all the money is there. Umm yeah that will not happen tonight… sigh.. It seems no sooner then I get there the first issue pops up.. the cashier on 13 is having a problem needs the CSM. What seems to be the problem I inquire.. the register has stopped working..”what do you mean stopped working” I mean it is telling me I have hit a max item limit and will not let me go on.. WOW that is a first for me never seen that happen now what! I pop in my magic keys and turn the key.. push a few buttons .. nothing.. humm now what… It will not let me add any more items, void any items or use one of about a 100 coupons these ladies have.. Help someone call the wal-mart help line I am stuck here.. After trying to explain to these nice ladies, who by the way have spent several hours shopping in our store and had 3 buggies full of items that were rung up and already bagged that we would have to abort this transaction and start over but just have smaller amounts per purchase.. They flip out and start telling me how to do my job…RED ALERT RED ALERT! I feel it starting to build.. my mind is racing.. OK I need to get this taken care of because I am so far behind now.. calm down “ What would Jesus do?” breath.. OK let me try this again.. I explain to them once more the only option I had at this point was to abort and start over.. No! No! No! They were not having any of it. They did not have 3000 dollars on them and we were going to have to make these coupons work.. they asked to speak to the manger.. I politely get on my walkies and ask for the manager to please come up front… now it is out of my hands.. The assistant manager shows up listens to their story and looks at what has gone on and tells them shocker.. the very same thing I told them. They were beside themselves and not happy. Not that I can blame them, as they had hundreds of razors, makeup and candles.. already bagged.. we agreed we would keep their carts in customer service until they could return in the morning.. case closed for me! WHEW!

With that out of the way I now had to make sure the leaving cashiers were shutting down and getting out of there.. That left me with one cashier.. Now during this time I am suppose to be in the cash office getting the register bags ready so I can switch them out before midnight, as that is when the register restart a new day. However the customers say otherwise. Being a smaller store we are often short handed. My poor cashier had lines halfway down the alises. So I jump on to try and help get them down. Most of our customers are just the sweetest people you were ever meet.. however we do get a few who shall I say , should of just stayed home. “why do you only have 2 small registers open. What’s wrong with you.. can you double, bag this item and then put it in that cart down there 50 yards away and spin it 3 times counter clock wise.. or I don’t like that I want it bagged this way before you place it in my cart.. and the best of all You will not hand me my change and receipt tape at the same time. I don’t put my receipt in my billfold.. Ok.. RED ALERT! RED ALERT I would just normally want to smack one of these people, I can’t do that… “what would Jesus do” breath smile and thank them for shopping here…

Oh great a 2 second lull I run in and grab the war wagon (A cart with locks that hold our register bags) I have less then fifteen minutes to get all these register done before midnight.. Put your brain in gear and think.. think.. I know what I have to do.. print all my reports and start pulling the ones I must get done.. the rest can wait until after midnight.. I so dislike being behind.. Sigh…

I am half way done with getting the registers changed out when my next issue hit me flat in the face… Two men come and tell me that they have a special order of 31 cases of cake mix and did I know where they were.. errr nope! No one tells me nothing I just work there.. I ask around and sure enough they have it in back and are gonna bring it up! By this time our lines are building again so I have to get back on the reg and start checking out again.. Oh goody the cake mix is here, 31 cases, 12 boxes to a case price over ride for 1.10 a box, easy enough.. My cashier start ringing him up.. Beep! The hand held goes off, The cashier needs me to abort this transaction so I have to stop at my reg and go over there to abort her’s. Ok now I can help get these people out.. Beep! Really another abort with the same guy..Walk over there turn my key put in my numbers and back I go to my registers… Before I even start Beep! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! I am getting so agitated right now I could just blow! Stop I can not do that “What would Jesus do” Breath, smile and apologize to the poor people still waiting in line, tell the cashier to please try to get them out and I will help the cake man. Seems he is having issues as well.. lost his card, oh no found his card.. but only wants 20 of the cases now, so we are stuck with these extra cases of cake.. Don’t have time to deal with this now.. push them up to Customer Service and deal with them later…

We have been there over 3 hours and we have not even started breaks.. I send this poor cashier to break and as per normal I get bombarded with customer after customer.. After her return I try to finish up my tills, and get the ATM changed out.. I have about Fifteen minutes to take my break before we have to start lunches. Busy night. I pray the worst is over and the rest of the night will be a breeze.. My cashier heads off to lunch and I start trying to clean between customers.. I think I get like 3 registers cleaned before the next customer shows up. While in the mist of cleaning I have a couple show up and corner me. The want to know how to get their money back from a dot com order that had been paid for yet not been shipped yet.. Errr I don’t know  that is stuff they deal with in the days… They try to convince me they have not got their order, it is still in processing and they want their money back “WHAT! Ummm no can not help you.. you have 2 options..wait until your items comes and then return it , do not pick it up and they will send it back. They were not gonna here of that! They wanted their money back now!!! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Ok this is crazy and I have just about had enough tonight. I so want to tell them what is on my mind.. but alas that small voice calls me “what would Jesus do” Your right, your right OK you win! I tell them how very sorry I am and perhaps they would get better results in the morning when the people who run the dot com site would be there. They seemed to be ok with that and went on their merry way..

I have to say the rest of the night went pretty well, I was tired and achy.. as the first night back after a long period off can be tough on a person. I have a peaceful lunch and the last two hours flew by.. I even got the 3 huge baskets in customer service put out.. I have to honestly say I was very glad when seven o’clock rolled around.. I had managed to keep my cool and not dishonor Jesus.. I felt pretty good about that… Yes I was gonna sleep the rest of the day away I had done it.. then… “See you tonight gotta do this all over again!” GULP! RATS!……….


About drell3

People who know me would say I am nuts! Crazy! Silly! Honest! Loyal! I would say they are right.. but I am so much more... I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Cook, I could fill up this whole page.. I love my life.. I love my husband, I love my child! My family.. you thought i was gonna say my work! LOL NOT!!! I am on a journey... I am coming into my own.. discovering, learning..I am transforming.. one day I will get my butterfly wings.
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12 Responses to I can do this…

  1. Wayne Augden says:

    Oh my…. you certainly were tested, and it looks to me like you passed the test. Nothing is easy, and I’ve heard Wal-Mart can be a tough gig. It’s nice to know though that there are people out there who really do try to do the right thing. I think you honored Jesus, and I think you did a good job. Wal-Mart is in my opinion lucky to have you.

    • drell3 says:

      TY it’s nice to know there are friends out there like you. A kind word can go a long way in making someones day. You just never know by looking at someone where they are do you… God bless you..

  2. Nancy Christy says:

    Oh baby girl – what a night! Okay so I’ve been doing the wwJd thing sort of since the challenge. I’m in Florida which I hate….with in-laws that are 80 and 84 and feeling overwhelmed, after two months of a near death experience for my fatherinlaw and then recovery. I have just found out that I have cancer in the cells they biopsied and I have to travel 17 hours back to PA to see the doctor for more treatment…by Thursday at 1:45 Which is 24 hours from now and my parents in law and husband are at a doctor’s appt. Marathon trip home – no sleep for Kevin…and Cancer…well wwJd? Smile, reach out. Help where I can and remember Psalm121, Proverbs 3:5 & 6, and I Corthians 10:13. The miracle is – I can usually remember the verse but not it’s address….LOL So actually Jesus is “doing” in me…as I smile, think of you and wish you hugs, help and sanity…especially since this accompanies hot flashes, mood swings, etc…. LOL (Lots of LOVE).

  3. drell3 says:

    OH my dear sister.. I am sorry.. You know how dear you are to me.. I think for sure Jesus would put his faith in his Father.. You know if you need anything and I mean anything call me.. If you want to vent, cry, sing, or just a good laugh from someone who loves you… Please please dear friend let me know.. how everything goes… You are so gonna be in my prayers as if you weren’t always anyway… Hope you start blogging …. Love you love you love you….

  4. Arlene says:

    I have never laughed so hard while reading a blog. This was HILARIOUS! I LOVED your red alerts!!! This absolutely made my day!!!

  5. coastalmom says:

    I love this!!!! If you read my Big Fat Vent… you know I truly appreciate this! You seriously have to get ONE MAGIC CHRISTMAS… it is a great Christmas movie about a checker… One of my daughter and mine’s favorite of all Christmas stories. I think she ordered it on Amazon…. Wish I had a copy to send you!

  6. drell3 says:

    Thank you so much coastalmom for the nice reply I will have to check out the “One Magic Christmas” and see what I can find.. Sounds like my kind of movie. And on my way over to your site to read Big Fat Vent… Bless you….

  7. Reblogged this on Grandma Donnie On Line and commented:
    Having worked at Wal-mart I can relate to this. If you need a good laugh, you found the right place to get one.

  8. coastalmom says:

    I am not sure how to give you this award or where to post it but I want you to have it first off… I feel that I have bonded with so many great writers but a handful I just really “GET”… the kind I would want to be friends with at work or in some kind of meeting situation up and above cyberly… your writing is funny and touching and inspirational… and I just :connect with you through your words…I feel that you would be the kind of friend that would tell me if I looked fat in something or if I had something in my teeth.. you know the honest ones that you know love you enough to be genuine.. I especially loved this when you blogged it… Maybe you could guide me how to present it to you correctly because I am a ditz when it comes to linking etc… I have agonized over how to do what I am supposed to do… and would never want to say these awards are more trouble than they are worth… because getting chosen was an honor and I loved getting it… I just hope whether you want to go to the trouble or not… you know how I feel! 😉

    • drell3 says:

      Oh thank you I am so honored.. Like you have no clue about such things as this.. but I am willing to learn. I do want you to know that I consider it an even bigger honor to be getting to know you and your blog daily. Your blog is so welcoming and warm that it just makes you feel at home, like you are sitting down and chatting with an old friend over coffee or tea. (hum maybe this is what I ought to say about your blog for this award ) Thank you for giving yourself to us daily in such a funny, honest and refreshing way.. I look forward to your post… I need my daily fix, or it ain’t gonna go right… thanks for being yourself .. you have many great things coming your way.. I can not wait for you to finish your book! It is gonna be great! Of that I have no doubt! so keep your thoughts flowing and I will keep coming back time and again… I am hooked! Hugs and have an blessed day.. you deserve nothing less.

  9. coastalmom says:

    I re-read this again! (Since it is your last post) smile… and I still say as the holidays approach… you must get ONE MAGIC CHRISTMAS!!! It is a must for all of us who work with the public!!!!

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