Often times in life things happen that are out of our control.. Horrible , awful things that effect people, town, communities, states and countries… and always the first thing asked is why?


This week has been a horrible week here in Oklahoma.. we have had several days of massive storms.. which have spawned several tornadoes. Living here one would think you would get use to such things as heavy winds, baseball size hail, heavy rain and tornado… but you never do.. every devastating storm effects you..

Right outside the store where I work

Right outside the store where I work

Yesterday was one of those days for our state.. The little town of Moore OK was hit with what they are thinking was an F5 tornado.. with winds over 200 miles and hour. This one storm has destroyed this town in a matter of minutes.. taking out two elementary schools, the hospital, business and homes.

Same tornado heading towards Moore OK.

Same tornado heading towards Moore OK.

The death toll as of this writing now stands at 51, but they are predicting it to rise as they are still trying to find people. Sadly most of the victims are the school children that were trapped in the school… why? A very good question I would say…I could not give you a very good answer right now and none that would reassure you and make it any better.

Some damage from tornado

Some damage from tornado

Some of the children rescued from one of the schools hit by tornado

Some of the children rescued from one of the schools hit by tornado

Then out of the rubble you stumble upon this image and you know GOD has spoken and answered the question…


Very profound image if I say so myself… Think God is trying to tell us something?

Please keep us in your prayers and pray that these people can find some peace in this horrible time..


About drell3

People who know me would say I am nuts! Crazy! Silly! Honest! Loyal! I would say they are right.. but I am so much more... I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Cook, I could fill up this whole page.. I love my life.. I love my husband, I love my child! My family.. you thought i was gonna say my work! LOL NOT!!! I am on a journey... I am coming into my own.. discovering, learning..I am transforming.. one day I will get my butterfly wings.
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7 Responses to WHY?

  1. Lyn Leahz says:

    Reblogged this on Lyn Leahz and commented:
    An insightful message from a friend who lives in Oklahoma regarding the damages, the lives and losses of them, and God.

  2. drell3 says:

    Well a quick update the death toll is been revised they are saying now that has been cut in half it is only 24.. so please forgive the wrong number posted.. but that is great news. That means some of the missing people have been found alive!! Praise GOD!

  3. coastalmom says:

    I am so glad that you wrote this so that I know you are okay!!!! The thing is. I GET it! After my earthquake I thought… there are people just blocks away still Christmas shopping! It was all surreal. Our lives had been changed in just a one block radius. Only two women died but it was two too many. It was the kind of thing you ask WHY?
    I thought that same question yesterday when I heard two schools were involved and a hospital! Why?
    My daughter asked me “Why did God make this happen to us?” When we were standing there looking at the devestation of our little town. I don’t remember even saying it but she wrote later… that I said…:Oh baby HE didn’t make it happen HE saved us!” I guess that was good enough for her at the age of 15 to be able to go on. But I do have to admit over the years I do wonder WHY?

    But we live in a world of natural disasters and horrific things such as war and man made horrors as well. We live in a fallen world. (If you recall, my story is on my ABOUT page) Children don’t deserve to be blown away in an earthquake or born with illnesses. It is hard to wrap our heads around stuff. Believe me, I stood in the rubble of a building filled with treasures from our store and cried. But stuff is stuff and I guess Ihad to learn that. Brookie and I were so close to being those two that were killed. They were found under the same roof our store stood under… I am not sure we will ever know WHY until we get to heaven. The innocent killed just makes it so much more hard to understand for us. Though the choice of free will was made for us long ago… so this is a fallen world. It is still hard for me to wrap my head around it… but it makes it so much more important to me to make the right choices in life, to have the right attitudes daily. If free choice comes with such a price tag, then I want to make the right ones!
    So my sweet friend I am praying for you… I am not sure what lessons you will learn from this being so close to your front door but I know I learned my own… about how every day is so important and though it is hard to understand the lives changed forever… the fact that you are writing this from your computer makes me praise the Lord that you are safe! I understand more than you know the question you ask. Sometimes there is just no answer. It is all just so sad. But find the good in your life and hang on for all it’s worth. Cuzzz it is so worth it.

  4. Nancy Christy says:

    Oh Drell, you are so right – and the last few disasters are children – I believe they are in heaven – innocent and in God’s arms – maybe He is saving them from the worse that is to come one day.

    I’m glad you are safe. I’ve been praying for the town and the loss and the ache and the anguish.
    Love you!

  5. coastalmom says:

    I sure wish you’d write again! I miss my buddy!!!!

    • drell3 says:

      Awww I miss you as well.. I just popped over here and saw your comment.. Just really have not had much to write about but with the holidays coming LOL I am sure something will errr happen! Love to you girl!

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