Should I Stay Or Should I Go….

I am not sure what to do right now and would like a little input from some of you..

I am at a crossroads in my life.. I have worked at my current job for 10 years. I started out loving my job.. and over the years have grown to not care for it so much. At times I still like it. I like most of the people I work with and most of my customers. However The stress the job puts on me and I put on myself is crazy.

People keep telling me to stop letting it get to me.. I can not do that.. I worry about that place even on my days off.. stress stress stress.. I work over night and we can not keep good help so I never know when or who is gonna show up and that stresses me out the most. Not having enough help and having to deal with unhappy customers also makes me stressed and unhappy. Having management not back you or try to help you is a huge stress er as well.

I can not even begin to tell you the tole this has taken on my health over the years.. but lets just say it is not good.. Until I started working here I was hardly ever sick and never had to have any kinds of surgery done.

I am contemplating quitting my job tonight.. I know I know that is why I want some advice.. Am I nuts.. to leave a job that for the most part is a pretty good paying job. A job that I will never be able to go somewhere else and make what I am making here. Also this job is not that hard not really.. but I am just not happy any more. I hate working over nights.. I hate working holidays.. I hate the stress…

To be honest with you if I quit we will not have to cut back that much. I only work 3 days a week anyway. Pretty much the money I bring in just allows us to buy stuff. Our house is paid for.. we are getting ready to put on a new roof but I am taking care of that.. so we should be ok. God has been so good to us I can tell you that.. that is also a plus to not working I’d be able to go to church again.

So give this ole girl some advice.


About drell3

People who know me would say I am nuts! Crazy! Silly! Honest! Loyal! I would say they are right.. but I am so much more... I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Cook, I could fill up this whole page.. I love my life.. I love my husband, I love my child! My family.. you thought i was gonna say my work! LOL NOT!!! I am on a journey... I am coming into my own.. discovering, learning..I am transforming.. one day I will get my butterfly wings.
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4 Responses to Should I Stay Or Should I Go….

  1. Nanxy Christy says:

    Darling girl, don’t waste your life. it’s a precious gift. Do what you love and save yourself. Stress is not the way to go

    • drell3 says:

      ty Nancy for your time and advice! I know you love me and only want the best for me! Love you for it too!! more then you know!

  2. coastalmom says:

    I know you read this cuzzz you “liked” it! And some of the ones before that one… especially months before! I was just where you are now! Struggling to decide and STUCK! I agree with Nanxy SAVE YOURSELF! Life is too short. I can’t believe I waited a decade to figure out that everything about my life that I hated was pretty much because my work was making me so unhappy! I love my job now! I am valued and appreciated and the job I do is much more fullfilling. Though, I feel you can work anywhere and change someone’s life… and there were times, I’d feel like I’d had one of those “opportunities” and think… see Diane, if you hadn’t been working today, THIS or THAT wouldn’t have happened…. but This or THAT can happen anywhere! Read some of my own posts for a year before this link… I was pretty miserable and it was pretty much all about my job!
    My vote is take that job and shove it! (NO! JUST KIDDING!) Never burn any bridges, leave with your head held high and go do something you love! You can make a ton of money on or ebay if you are creative. I’d love to not have to work and go and do art shows again! (Not that, that is not work! Some of my longest days were as an artist but I loved it!) Ya see the pattern here? I guarantee if your job is making you unhappy (and I’ve read more than once that it has) Spread your wings and jump!

    • drell3 says:

      yes my friend I knew you would understand my situation.. seeing as you yourself have dealt with quite a lot of the same feelings. well An update I did it. I turned in my notice last night so now I really want to get myself healthy and then start looking for something that I want to do not have to do ya know.. think there is an opening for professional sleeper? LOL ty for your incite love you dearly

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