Luck Of The Draw



Sigh.. Once a week my dear husband and I head over to my in-laws to play a round of cards.. Rummy to be exact. Now I am not gonna lie.. I am pretty decent at rummy. I win way more then I loose.. Of course I chalk that up to the fact I was trained from around the age of four by my grandfather. He always told me there was no one worthy to play. I guess he wanted to train me up and teach me so that he had a worthy opponent.


If you ask my husband he will tell you I was taught well. In all the time we have been playing cards with my mother-in-law she has never won the game. Not a game but THE game. card3She cheats.. yes horrible at cheating.. yet she still just does not understand.. Hubs and I laugh about it on the way home.

This week however I had the bright idea to let her win. We would throw games so she could finally win the game. Of course we had to do this without her knowing. Piece of cake right?…… Bahahahahaha. I have never worked so hard to loose a game. I kid you not.. It seemed every other hand was a dream hand.. card-1I mean like I could have gone out second draw. It was torture! Let’s just say I had myself like 200 in the hole pretty quick. At that point I decided I could let loose and take crazy chances..

To me this made it more fun.. At one point my husband drew his card and bowed his head and said. “I so wish you could play this hand.” I laughed.. and said “Sure”. I knew he had okay cards and hated that he was tossing his game away. He looked at his mom and asked if she cared and she said she did not. I smiled to myself I knew the hand I was handing him was already set. Four aces and three kings. You should have seen his face when he looked at my cards. His mom was horrified. I chuckled off and on about that.

You would think with two people throwing this game winning would be easy for the other player.. right.. WRONG! Oh my goodness.. it was like pulling teeth to get her to win even with us going in the hole. Our hard work was paying off.. she was winning.. she had one card left all she had to do was find one card and she was out.. one card.. Yes my mother-in-law with one card in her hand picks up the whole pile.. My head hit the table in disbelief.. I was like Nan! One card you have one card.. I could not grasp it.. I looked up to see what was worth picking up twelve cards.. it must have been worth it right to do something so insane.. there sitting on the table as proud as could be.. she laid down the three.. four and five of spades.. fifteen points!card-6 I lost it and looked at my hubs who could not stop laughing..

At one point I had a hand set up pretty good I leaned over and asked her if she wanted to trade cards.. She shook her head and said “No way. I remember the last time you two traded.. that was bad I’ll keep my hand.” I laughed and asked “Are you sure it could be worth it.” She shook her head no. I flashed them to Denny and he just face palmed himself. Ace, King, Queen, Jack of diamonds and a Joker.card-4 Yes we play with a joker..we also at times change rules and even card counts.. makes it more fun don’t judge me. LOL

All in all it was a great night and more fun then winning. She felt great that she had finally beat us. That was the whole point. Will I ever do it again? Yes at some point.. my hubs asked me “So when is it my turn? I want to win too.” I just laughed and looked at him.. I told him “You won the day you said I do.” What was he gonna say.. right.. He was silent the whole way home. LOL

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People who know me would say I am nuts! Crazy! Silly! Honest! Loyal! I would say they are right.. but I am so much more... I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Cook, I could fill up this whole page.. I love my life.. I love my husband, I love my child! My family.. you thought i was gonna say my work! LOL NOT!!! I am on a journey... I am coming into my own.. discovering, learning..I am transforming.. one day I will get my butterfly wings.
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