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Kissing Cousins

I was raised as an only child, by my father.. but I was always always surrounded by cousins! In fact I really never felt like I was an only child because my cousins were always there and always seemed to … Continue reading

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Hey Peppy La Pue has nothing on me

Well my friends I am about to embark on yet another year… yes it is coming to that time of year when I get to look into the eyes of the man I married and say.. “I love being married. … Continue reading

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I’m having growing pains….

I have been trying to think about what to write.. it is hard to be funny all the time.. I do not know how funny people do it… The past few months or so I have been growing and changing… … Continue reading

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I can do this…

So here I am doing this What would Jesus Do challenge and I am thinking this is going to be interesting.. little did I know how right I would be. I have been off work for almost 2 months and … Continue reading

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Me.. an Old Maid.. Nooooo Take Me Now!!!!

Have I ever told you about the first time I met my husband… whew.. let’s just say I was single and had been looking for years.. wanting a real live man of my own… I was 29 years old and … Continue reading

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Can somebody get me some ice… TODAY!

Wow it is hot in here or is it just me… I think I have to be going through the change of life.. I have too.. I am always hot.. always.. my emotions have been all over the place. I … Continue reading

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Planting the seeds of love

Wow I can hardly believe it but I have nothing to say.. me… someone call 911!! To be honest I often fell like I do not have anything worthy of saying or typing.. funny how that stumbling block can shut … Continue reading

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Love to a dear friend…

My blog today has been dedicated to a wonderful and special friend, and thus is for her eyes only. Love you dearly!

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Time for a reality check…

Did you know today is a brand new day with out any mistakes in it… yet? As long as I am sleeping I know all is good.. it is when my feet hit the floor that I have to worry! … Continue reading

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Hello have you seen my mind I seem to have lost it again…

I have been tossing ideas around in my head about something to write about… they have been random and some out of this world… To be honest I really have no clue.. guess it all relates to me being scatter … Continue reading

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