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She Lives…..Ahhhhhhhh

Wow it really has been forever.. I am sad to say I am not a very good blogger. I just up and disappear with not a word to anyone for months on end. Just waiting for something to write about … Continue reading

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Grumble Grumble Roar Roar..

I just have to tell you it has been a while I know I know..but it seems if I wait long enough stuff happens! Life is strange like that! Oh where to begin over the last few months I have … Continue reading

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I’m having growing pains….

I have been trying to think about what to write.. it is hard to be funny all the time.. I do not know how funny people do it… The past few months or so I have been growing and changing… … Continue reading

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I can do this…

So here I am doing this What would Jesus Do challenge and I am thinking this is going to be interesting.. little did I know how right I would be. I have been off work for almost 2 months and … Continue reading

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