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Here’s to you baby

Have you ever longed for something so bad, wished on every shooting star, every candle you blew out on your birthday cake, prayed every night that you could get your wish… Well I must say I sure have.. Most of … Continue reading

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Planting the seeds of love

Wow I can hardly believe it but I have nothing to say.. me… someone call 911!! To be honest I often fell like I do not have anything worthy of saying or typing.. funny how that stumbling block can shut … Continue reading

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Love to a dear friend…

My blog today has been dedicated to a wonderful and special friend, and thus is for her eyes only. Love you dearly!

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Make your own party

Four simple words… “Make your own party” what do they mean.. I guess that would depend on who you are. For my aunt Darleen.. that was her motto. This story is going to be hard to write and for some … Continue reading

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Time for a reality check…

Did you know today is a brand new day with out any mistakes in it… yet? As long as I am sleeping I know all is good.. it is when my feet hit the floor that I have to worry! … Continue reading

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Hello have you seen my mind I seem to have lost it again…

I have been tossing ideas around in my head about something to write about… they have been random and some out of this world… To be honest I really have no clue.. guess it all relates to me being scatter … Continue reading

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We should all be like bubbles….

Hello world… got tired of lurking so I thought I’d make my own. I do not do much posting, but I wanted to get involved and show support for my friends on here who do post a lot… When I … Continue reading

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