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Carb counting 101…

OMGosh! Please somebody stop me! I am about to embark on a hideous journey. I am going where no sane person should ever tread…. someone smack me now…. “insert eerie music here” I am about to undertake a DIET! Run … Continue reading

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My Bucket List

I’ve spent days trying to decide what to post about and I have to say I have been drawing a blank.. Maybe it is because I have been under the weather for a few weeks, or maybe I have nothing … Continue reading

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Murphy who?

Throughout my married life my hubs and I have often joked about being the Griswald family, from one of my favorite movies Vacation. It seems no matter what this family does or where they go Murphy’s Law is right behind … Continue reading

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Kissing Cousins

I was raised as an only child, by my father.. but I was always always surrounded by cousins! In fact I really never felt like I was an only child because my cousins were always there and always seemed to … Continue reading

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My badge of shame…

I use to joke that my life was like reality show.. How true that is really… Years ago my half sister was on the Jerry Springer show… I know I know.. but she was.. I had no idea until years … Continue reading

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Adventure’s in babysitting…

I have decided many many many many years down the road I am gonna be an awesome grandma… Oh yes…. I am going to love having babies around.. until they start crying and leaking and smelling bad.. then I can … Continue reading

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